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Kate Chaytor-Norris is a Nutritional Therapist who has made it her mission to

empower people to heal themselves. She trained at the Institute of Optimum

Nutrition and has been practising for the past ten years. Kate is also trained

in Health Kinesiology, Nutrigenomics, counselling and PSYCH-K®. She lives in

Yorkshire with her husband and three children.


"I wrote this book to empower people to take their health into their own hands,

to help people to understand that sick bodies are reacting only to an imbalance

in the environment. It gives a detailed explanation of those imbalances and

what we can do to change them. Our bodies, when they produce symptoms,

are communicating with us - telling us that all is not well. This book will help

you to decipher what your body is trying to say."


"Kate is one of those practitioners you don't come across very

often. Her ability to analyse a complex case and assist her patients

to wellness is quite rare ... this book needs to be out in the public

domain so more can benefit from Kate's unique approach."

Anne Pemberton MSc, PGCHE, PGCE (autism), RGN, DiplON, FdSc


"Pick this up and put down your meds - this book will shift your

thinking of what's best for your health."

Robert White MSc, Consultant Physiotherapist

I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This

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